Fourth Grade Weekly Reading and Spelling

READING:  A story is introduced each week.  Students work on vocabulary, comprehension, reading strategies, skills, and phonics through whole group and small group instruction. The students work on projects, activities, and workbooks.  A test on the reading selection is given each Friday.  The students are graded on tests, homework, class participation, notebooks, and oral fluency.

SPELLING:  The spelling words correlate to our reading story each week.  There are twenty new words, three review words, two challenge words and a surprise bonus word each week.  New words and spelling patterns are introduced at the beginning of the week.  A test is given each Friday.

JANUARY 22, 2019

VOCABULARY                                                                         SPELLING WORDS

*SOCIAL                                                               *TURKEY          *LONELY          *COLONY          *STEADY

*EXCHANGES                                                    *HUNGRY         *VALLEY          *HOCKEY          *STARRY

*EXCESS                                                              *MELODY         *MOVIE             *DUTY               *DROWSY

*REINFORCE                                                     *CHIMNEY       *PLENTY           *DAILY              *PRAIRIE

*STORAGE                                                          *ALLEY              *FIFRTY            *EMPTY            *INJURY

*TRANSPORT                                                     *ENVY               *FIERY              *MYSTERY        *DISCOVERY