Mrs. LeFebvre's Fourth Grade

                                    Welcome to Fourth Grade!

This is an exciting and challenging year for your child.  The transition from primary grades (1-3) to the intermediate grades (4-5) is very important and takes time.  My goal is to develop an academically challenging and faith filled environment for your child.  As we work together, I am confident that your child will have a positive and successful school year.

Some expectations are:  *Neatest work at all times

                                            *Work finished and handed in on time

                                             *All assignments copied daily in planner

                                            *Planners signed by parent each day to verify

                                              homework completion

                                            *Follow Classroom Rules

Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at school at 724-375-7565, or by email at

Mrs. LeFebvre